About first circle design Inc.

first circle design inc. (est. 2006) is a premier lighting design consultancy firm specializing in complex, high-end lighting designs. Inspired by the magnificent first circle of light – the sun – first circle design’s diverse, innovative, and leading lighting design team brings magical atmospheres to life through their illustrious lighting designs.

first circle design believes that light helps us see, and beautiful light helps us see beautifully. first circle design believes in honest expression and simplicity. first circle design believes in sustainability and environmental responsibility. first circle design believes that technology is a powerful tool, but only a tool, for aiding the expression of a deeper, more fundamental artistic and humanistic creation. first circle design’s team believes they are helping to shape the most elemental part of our universe with the greatest technology available in order to achieve an effect that should be as simple and as elegant and without artifice as possible.

Identity Design

first circle design’s long and successful history with a vast clientele base – both domestic and international – sets a consistent tone for a cohesive design team with proven track record that will ensure the highest level of excellence for every project. The talents of our design team empowers us to flawlessly manifest the vision in the mind of the beholder for an ever-lasting experience!

Our Track Record

first circle design has invigorated Southern California and beyond with our impactful energy efficient and cost effective lighting designs. Since year 2006, first circle design has successfully achieved over five hundred projects – in the areas of transportation, hospitality, retail, themed entertainment, casinos, residential sites, and sporting venues – utilizing 100% LED technology. Our extensive and successful history with diverse clientele verifies dependability and affirms first circle design’s cohesive design team, who, through their validated achievements, will ensure the highest degree of design excellence.

The Design Team

first circle design’s founder and principal designer, Matthew A. Levesque, sets the infrastructure for spectacular design grandeur. Matt’s two decades of lighting design experience has warranted well over 100 successfully completed projects utilizing LED technology.
The diverse backgrounds of first circle design’s team create the wide spectrum of talent offered. first circle design’s designers are all members of IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) and IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) and have received sweeping recognitions and awards in the architecture, design, and entertainment fields.
They consistently recognize the essential need to embrace practical yet stimulating design work, all while providing efficient documentation that can be managed within a budget and, that is agreeable to the installation schedule. Furthermore, it is always their priority to fully comprehend the client’s vision and to remain flexible with the knowledge that ideas expand and change.