Systematic Lighting Design Methodology

A systematic lighting design methodology that has been meticulously developed and honed, affords us many opportunities to effectively execute project requirements. Our methods include:


Thorough research and analysis of project design requirements.


Detailing product and installation specifications.


Mock-up and prototype development verification.


Proactively integrate energy savings and code compliance.


Internal testing to guarantee optimal product performance.


Extensive coordination with project personnel.

Lighting Design

Our Track Record

first circle design has invigorated Southern California and beyond with our impactful energy efficient and cost effective lighting designs. Since year 2006, first circle design has successfully achieved over five hundred projects – in the areas of transportation, hospitality, retail, entertainment, and sporting venues – utilizing 100% LED technology. Our extensive and successful history with diverse clientele verifies dependability and affirms first circle design’s cohesive design team, who, through their validated achievements, will ensure the highest degree of design excellence.